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The Majuda Voice Suite!
Majuda v7.0
  • • 100% web-based for windows and mac.
  • • Best-of-breed Call Recording and quality management solutions.
  • • Synergistic all-in-one voice-recording solution.

What’s included...

Majuda CallTracker:
  • • 100% web-based for Windows and Mac environments
  • • Time-Based Note capture
  • • 256 bit AES encryption
  • • Scalable
  • • Multiple recording modes
  • • "Do Not Record" functionality
  • • Unlimited agent and administrative licenses

Majuda QualityTracker:
  • • 100% web-based for Windows and Mac environments
  • • Customizable evaluation forms
  • • Detailed scoring cards
  • • Dynamic quality reporting
  • • Out-of-the-box report templates
  • • Unlimited supervisor licenses
  • • Desktop Screen Capture

Majuda Alert:

MajudaAlert is a next-generation customer support tool, developed in-house by Majuda Corporation, which allows us to remotely monitor and proactively support your Majuda Voice installation 24/7.
Call Recording Software

Why Majuda Call Recording?
The demand for cost-effective and reliable phone recording suites is on the rise. This is a result of customers’ increasing requests for higher standards of service and support coupled with the challenges of corporate liability and regulatory compliance, a pressing need for total reliability and security in electronic call records has been created. With Majuda Voice, businesses receive best-of-breed Call Recording and quality management solutions.

The Majuda Voice Suite combines Majuda CallTracker and Majuda QualityTracker to provide a synergistic all-in-one solution that enhances an organization's ability to listen and understand customers' wants and needs; ensure service level goals are met and maintained and increase call center productivity, quality and effectiveness. The results is a call center solution that equates to more streamlined processes, improved customer service, and liability and compliance control; resulting in increased customer retention, sales and profit.

Majuda Voice product brochure    

Reasons for Considering Majuda Voice Suite:
  • Liability Recording
  • Policy Compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contention Resolution
  • Process Evaluation
  • Data Mining
  • Personnel Training
      Majuda CallTracker™

    Securely record, store and playback
    all voice communications
    Minimize exposure to disputes
    Mitigate risk of reputation damage
    Improve internal policy compliance
    Protect against liability suits
    Minimize legal risks and costs
    Comply with increasing corporate
    and governmental regulation
      Majuda QualityTracker™

    Evaluate employee performance
    Gain insight into how your customers
    experience your business
    Develop corporate best practices and
    procedures for your organization
    Create effective training programs
    for your agents
    Improve customer service levels
    Increase customer retention
    Optimize your workforce

    Majuda Alert - Proactive site monitoring

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    3. Enterprise Edition
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    Majuda v7.0
    product brochure
    Introducing MAJUDA 7.0
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