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Presenting Majuda Voice Version 7.0!

Redesigned User and Administrative Web Interfaces

Majuda Voice v7.0 is the first call recording application to leverage Microsoft Silverlight to create a web-based user experience unlike any other call recording and quality management solution available on the market today. The ease-of-use of our new interface gives users the ability to easily and quickly search through hundreds of thousands of recorded calls on multiple search criteria and have the results returned in less than a second, removing costly overheads associated with employees who have to tiresomely locate and retrieve past calls for training or compliance.

Majuda Voice v7.0 has also incorporated a complete visual representation of every call. From a single screen, users operating under specific security profiles will be able to see all details regarding a specific call namely, extension, name, digits dialed and Caller-ID just to name a few. In addition, supervisors can now monitor agent desktop activity and create time based notes from within the same interface.

Desktop Screen Capture

With the addition of desktop screen capture to the Majuda Voice Suite, managers and supervisors are no longer blind to what tasks agents are performing on their workstations whilst a call is in progress. Supervisors can now monitor agent behaviors within their CRM or similar applications during a call to create a much broader view of agent’s strengths’ and weaknesses.

A great example of this application would be when reviewing a call, a call center supervisor notices that an agent’s attentiveness is dissipating and he/she does not seem to be 100% focused on the call at hand. In the past, call recordings could only be leveraged to derive information from speech interactions and the supervisor might not be able to put a finger on the cause of the agent’s lack of performance. With the introduction of desktop screen capture, supervisors can now understand the dynamics of a customer interaction with much more detail, contributing to overall performance and efficiency.

Time-Based Note Capture

Note capture has always played an important role in call recording solutions. It gives business the ability to insert comments; ideas and similar information directly into a call so that authorized personnel can access this data at a later point in time. This eliminates the time wasted on repetitively searching for and listening to entire calls to find specific points of interest. Majuda Voice v7.0 not only incorporates note capture functionality from previous versions but also takes it to the next level.

Majuda Voice now offers the functionality to be able to capture a note over a period of time within a call rather than at a singular instance, and make the note searchable. This is extremely useful when notating an event on a call that occurred over a prolonged amount of time. With Majuda Voice v7.0, you can now go directly to the time based note and play back the specific section of a call that is relevant. Gone are the days of sifting through hours of recordings to find a specific event.

Instant Play

Majuda Voice v7.0 has now included instant play directly into the Call Listings Page. Users can now “quick play” a recording directly from their search results, without having to drill down into all the details of the call. This feature has allowed users to reduce the amount of time they spend searching for calls and also has allowed supervisors to quickly run through a sample of calls without having to access each call individually.

Agent Images and Video

Majuda is excited to announce the addition of Agent Imaging to the Majuda Voice Suite. Building on our visual call representation model, supervisors and other managers can not only see what is happening on their agents desktops and listen to what is transpiring on a call, but now can see the agent themselves through a number of supported web-cams and other imaging devices. This is another way for call recording to become much more than just a recorded call but a complete understanding of agent-customer interactions.

Call Sorting and Grouping

A unique benefit that arose from Majudas adaptation of Microsoft Silverlight was the ability to sort and group calls on a range of call criteria. Majuda Voice v7.0 allows you to sort all calls or a searched subset of calls, ascending or descending. It can also group recordings by incoming/outgoing, Caller-ID, start time, end time, duration, Extension and even “Flagged for Quality Control”. This extremely useful implementation of grouping allows any user to be able to search for a set of calls and manipulate the results to present the best overall presentation of the required calls.


MajudaAlert is a next-generation customer support tool, developed in-house by Majuda Corporation, which allows us to remotely monitor and proactively support your Majuda Voice installation 24/7. Included for the first year with all Majuda solutions, MajudaAlert uses the latest communication technologies to report back to our regional support servers at regular intervals with details regarding your Majuda Voice installation. We monitor a multitude of variables to make sure that we have our "eyes on the prize" at all times!

Majuda v7.0
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