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Why Majuda Chose Silverlight!!

Almost a year ago, Majuda Corporation decided to commence development on a new, web-based rich interface application. This decision arose from the market need for a web-based interaction management solution that would provide customers with the rich functionality that they expect from win-forms based enterprise-recording solutions. To date, many call recording developers have focused on web-based implementations, however all have yet to deliver a solution that delivers graphically rich user experiences and functionality.

Consequently, Majuda embarked on a path to find the best solution to meet these requirements. The obvious and not so obvious was taken into consideration, namely architecture, usability, performance and integration.

Majudas' fundamental platform for developing our solution has always been .NET. Majuda has spent many years in the .NET space and the expertise we have gained in this area is second to none. This platform has had the greatest flexibility throughout the years.

Along our travels we considered many alternatives however the solution that best fit our needs as well as the needs of the industry and our clients was Microsoft's Silverlight.

The majority of people usually get caught up in the "look and feel" and eye-catching graphics that Silverlight has to offer and over-look the core strengths of the environment. Silverlight has a number of benefits when working on the web over its competitors. Firstly, Silverlight would make a single build of Majuda's solutions accessible across a number of the most widely used platforms and deliver a front-end that would be available to clients deploying Microsofts' Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome to name a few.

Silverlight has also given Majuda the ability to take advantage of the flexibility of XAML to provide enterprise functionality through a rich and responsive web-based user experience.

Lastly, performance was extremely important when making this decision. Silverlight offers the functionality to perform client side processing through managed code within the browser. This client-side processing ability has allowed the Majuda Suite to become a true smart client application.

Although none of these individual points triggered our decision, the combination of them all made Silverlight the clear favorite and we at Majuda, look forward to the short and long term benefits that our partnership with Microsoft will deliver to our ourselves and most importantly our clients.

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