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Majuda Cloud

Why Majuda® Cloud?

Majuda® Cloud is an industry-first compliant, Enterprise Call Recording and Quality Management solution for hosted phone service providers.

Majuda® Cloud is a segmented solution that allows each client in the hosted environment to have their own unique database and recordings archive.

Majuda® Cloud is the preferred choice of hosted phone providers because:
  • Each client has their own unique segregated database and recordings archive.
  • Security and privacy is enhanced because each client has a password-protected login and will only have access to their recordings.
  • Customer’s recordings and data are portable and can be moved to any location.
  • Majuda’s web-based architecture and enhanced streaming capabilities ensure fast delivery of calls to users wherever they may be and our user-friendly graphical user interface requires minimal orientation and training in order to make use of the array of features available.
  • Majuda® Cloud includes the ability to adhere to various compliance regulations including PCI DSS 2.0, HIPAA and others.
  • Majuda® Cloud includes Majuda’s feature rich Quality Management Suite that is accessible through the same web interface allowing for efficient and effective Quality Reporting.
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