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Call center monitoring is important to us, as contact centers directly connect companies with the voice of their customers. A wealth of customer interaction data is hidden within your contact center. Majuda gives its clients the necessary tools which will unlock this data and transform it into actionable information to help retain customers, decrease defections and continuously improve and streamline your customer service operations. Majuda does this while reducing liability and risk while following regulatory compliance laws. Studies demonstrate that a 5% improvement in customer retention can increase profitability by up to 100%. (Source: Harvard Business Review).

Benefits of the Majuda Voice Suite for Contact Centers

Our Solutions grow with you
As your company grows, our fully scalable product will grow with you. The Majuda CallTracker securely stores and records calls from VoIP, digital, analog and other blended platforms - this is done through the bulk of available PBX’s and from any assortment of extensions.

Enjoy Improved Agent Performance, with Increased Customer Retention
Customized agent scorecards let us improve and evaluate the overall efficiency of any agent’s performance. Supervisors can automatically grade calls with the 'Calls for Review' feature. Features like these provide insight into all key areas of agent/customer interaction.

Increased Efficiency with Simple Call Retrieval
Majuda uses current web development technologies, this provides a peerless experience. Enjoy the ability to search through all current or archived calls by using any of ten different search criteria. You are not restricted to one location either – use our call center CRM to access your calls from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

Superior Storage and Archiving
The system will track any call, even if it has been moved, or even stored at another location on the network. A call can be any length, as well as any file size. No matter what, Majuda’s software will track it for you. Non-Stop Recording
Majuda lets you record all conversations (an unlimited number) at all times of the day. For any quality management requirements, Majuda is your best solution.

Data Protection and Security
We know that all client data must be kept highly secure - this is why, in order to meet the advanced security needs of your business (as well as local, state and federal regulations), Majuda have integrated 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. This is ideal for a total audit of all events.

Reliability is Key!
A reliable call recording solution is what you have demanded, and Majuda delivers, time and time again. With MajudaAlert, we can proactively monitor any installation the world over, and discover if and why your call center monitoring application is performing up to scratch.

Majuda v7.0
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