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Pro-Active Site Monitoring for Majuda Voice

MajudaAlert Today's customers who have an interest in high-quality voice recording demand increasingly superior standards of both service and support. This, combined with challenges of liability and regulatory compliance, has created a pressing need for total reliability and security in regards to electronic call recording. If your business involves keeping track of customer phone interactions for quality monitoring, compliance or liability reasons, you'll appreciate the importance of implementing a reliable, best-of-breed call recording and quality management solution.

Here at Majuda, we pride ourselves in not only having one of the most skilled and professional support staff in the industry, but also in developing the tools necessary for them to proactively support all our clients by detecting and repairing any issues before they become problems.

What is MajudaAlert?
MajudaAlert is a next-generation customer support tool, developed in-house by Majuda Corporation, which allows us to remotely monitor and proactively support your Majuda Voice installation 24/7.

The Need for MajudaAlert
With reliance on call recording for compliance, assurance and security increasing daily, it has become critical that your recorded calls are available when required. Finding out that your system has been down for the two-week period that contained a critical call could cost you tens of thousands - if not millions - of dollars.

In our experience, 70% of call recording systems are only accessed when the need arises, and as a result, system failures tend to happen at the worst possible time. Our competitors would argue that their solutions send out alerts in the event of a system failure, but these questions then arise:
  • Who is monitoring the alerts that are generated?
  • Will they be lost in the flood of daily alerts generated by all IT systems?
  • What if the call recording server is down and no alerts can be sent?
How it works
By using the latest communication technologies, MajudaAlert reports back to our regional support servers on a regular basis with details regarding your Majuda Voice installation. We monitor a multitude of variables to make sure that we have our ‘eyes on the prize’ at all times! This is a voice recording alert system that you can trust.

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