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In years past, Call Recording was simply for 911 calls, dispatch services and contact centers. Today, Call Recording has expanded in a much wider audience, where even simple internal calls between employees may be recorded, either from a regulatory perspective or to understand how a company's employees may interact with each other. Today's Enterprise is looking at Customer Experience as a driving factor to growth. The customer is no longer just some external company or person who does business with the Enterprise, but rather everyone who does business, whether internal or external. Today's Enterprise is looking more at how the company is viewed by its customers, the media, its vendors and its employees. With social media and a global market, today's Enterprises have to be more cautious in their methods and procedures. A simple, uncorrected mistake can have a negative impact on how the world sees a particular organization. Reputation is everything; this is why Call Recording is becoming more mainstream in today's operation.

There are different reasons to record conversations, all of which is driven through legislation and by the need to better communicate with employees and customers. Whether to protect themselves in the event of a dispute (Dispute Resolution, Regulatory Compliance), to guarantee tracking of a voice transaction or limit financial risk by providing a definitive, recorded account of a voice transaction (Transaction Verification), or simply to grade their employees on how to handle customer interfacing in the best possible manner (Quality Assurance); each of these initiatives helps drive better customer service and can aid in creating the better customer experience.

Majuda Voice is scalable and flexible to meet the Call Recording needs of the SMB while growing to meet a broader spectrum of flexible options and configurations of today's Enterprises. As small as 5 channels, Majuda Voice is a cost effective Call Recording Solution for the SMB market, while linearly growing exponentially to accommodate the larger Contact Center and multi-location Enterprise, without the forklift upgrade found in most Call Recording Systems. Majuda Voice's module design allows customers to configure their system with the features they need to effectively record and analyze calls without a major investment.

Not all calls need to be recorded in every company. Majuda Voice offers the flexibility of different Call Recording Options in order meet each customer's need specifically, without losing its effectiveness.

Full Time Call Recording
All calls are recorded all of the time. This is generally used in areas where liability protection is key; either with financial transactions, public safety events, or critical dispatch initiatives occur. These areas can include Contact Centers, Healthcare Institutions, Public Safety Contact Centers, Dispatch Centers or other mission critical environments. Full Time Recording is key in analyzing information and providing an un-editable original voice record of the call or voice interaction that occurred.
On Demand Call Recording
Using business rules, Majuda Voice Call Recording can be manually evoked by the employee so that pertinent information can be recorded, or based on business rules of the Enterprise. Typically these types of recording become useful in financial transaction, such a verification of an order (only the order is recorded). The typical organizations that utilize On-Demand Call Recording are Financial Institutions such as Banks, Collection Agencies, Credit Bureaus, Attorneys, Insurance Claims, Government Agencies and Contact Centers.
Call Recording Key Features
VoIP, TDM and Mixed Call Recording
Majuda Voice is flexible in configuration no matter what your communication environment is. Majuda Voice can record calls both internally and externally in any configuration including mixed VoIP and TDM Call Recording Environments
Screen Capture
Through Majuda Client, our Call Recording can have synchronized capture of employees' screens while recording the conversation.
Compliance Module
By law, certain information must be blocked from being recorded by both the Call Recording System and the screen capture. This may include credit card information or patient information. Through our Compliance Module, Majuda Voice can block out this information during playback, thus limiting liability on behalf of the organization.
Simple to Learn, Simple to Use
By using Microsoft Silverlight Technology and developing intuitive screens, Majuda Voice is one of the simplest Call Recording Systems to learn and to use. This eliminates the costly training hours typically required upon deployment and opportunity loss during conversion.
Linear Growth with No Forklift Upgrades
Majuda Voice is one of the few Call Recording systems that can start as small as 5 channels and grow infinitely without any costly investments. Majuda Voice provides you with flexible software modules that can be added anytime to the system give you further enhancements in a "pay as you go" environment.

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