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Product Updates

Majuda Voice Version 6.0.5 Now Available !!!
Majuda Voice Release Version 6.0.5 deals primarliy with the enhanced logging of errors as well as the clarification of Majuda User Roles. Some great new features have also been added and can be found below!
  • Enhanced back-end logging
  • Call Listing Updates
  • Additional User Roles
To review a full list of the new features for Majuda Voice 6.0.5, Click here.

Majuda Voice Version 6.0 Released !!!
New enhancements to Majuda Voice now allows organizations a much wider range of functionality that will not only aid in increasing the efficiency of both their voice recording and quality control arenas but will allow for improved customer relations and agent productivity as well. All this while still reducing the customers overall cost to company.

Some of the exciting new enhancements of this version are:
  • MQC Matched Call Flagging Calculations
  • Agent VS. Group Reporting
  • Enhanced User Role Security
  • Call List and MQC Session Saving
To review a full list of the new features for Majuda Voice 6.0, Click here.

Majuda offers Microsoft Web-Based Application
Majuda Corporation has developed its voice-logging solution using the latest Microsoft® development tools. By doing so, Majuda Voice provides it clients with a solution that is both multi platform and easy to use. Fact: the majority of computer users are familiar with the Microsoft® platform and now we are happy to announce that our clients can access Majuda Voice's web-based solution from anywhere on there network or anywhere in the world. This update also allows for more streamlined integration whether the clients network or terminals are Microsoft or UNIX based. Our clients can now feel comfortable with a solution that can be easily installed, integrated and above all is efficient to use. This places Majuda Voice ahead of the game and its competitors and we are excited to be able to finally offer our clients this improvement!

Reseller co-branding and customization:
Majuda Voice can now be customized and branded for resellers. This customization creates an additional opportunity for vendor branding allowing the development of client loyalty to the specific vendors in the relevant markets. Co-branding with Majuda Voice builds a good partnership within the solution, giving resellers increased credibility due to international brand support together with the local market's support of their own brand.

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Majuda v7.0
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