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Majuda Corporation Proudly Announces The Release Of Majuda Voice v 6.0.6

Majuda Corporation develops 100% web-based call recording solutions that allow organizations to effectively record, manage and monitor all telephonic communication. The newest release of our flagship solution, Majuda Voice v6.0.6 features numerous upgrades and enhancements to v6.0.0.

Some of our new features and updates include:

  • Enhanced integration with Mitel PBX's
  • Logging & security updates
  • Additions to our list of supported PBX's
  • Upgraded Quality Control Module and interface
  • Upgraded Call Listing Page interface
  • Updated Integration Tool Set

Click here for an in-depth look at the new features included in the Majuda Voice Version 6.0.6 Release.

Majuda steps up integration with Mitel SRC and MiTAI

As a dedicated Mitel partner and MSA Develper, Majuda Corporation is proud to announce its succesfull integration with the release of MajudaSRC v2.0. MajudaSRC leverages on our partnership and MSA developer status with Mitel ( to bring complete integration into Mitel's SRC (Secure Recording Connector) Server. This new application allows for the secure and encrypted recording of all Mitel IP extension traffic without the requirement for additional recording hardware and allows for the recording of inter extention communication.

In addition to the this, Majuda has also released MajudaMiTAI (version 3.1). This completed our next generation integration with Mitel PBX's through Mitel's MiTAI (Mitel Networks Telephony Application Interface), which is a powerful telephony API designed for applications requiring sophisticated call and PBX control functionality. MiTAI supports third party call control capabilities and offers a full suite of functionality from simple call control to contact center monitoring and control. The release of this new version of MajudaMiTAI allows us even greater control and reporting abilities than previously available.


"We're headed for a near-100% call recroding environment"

Keith Dawson, a senior analyst with Frost and Sullivan the world's largest market research organization recently stated: We're headed for a near-100 percent recording environment from partial recording capacity due to decreased storage costs, increasing use of the cloud for recording and the ability to do more with the recordings than just listen to them randomly for quality monitoring purposes.

All progressive organizations should be investing heavily in these tight economic times to promote and offer top quality service. Leading research firms have confirmed that Not only is basic recording and monitoring of calls a necessity in many industries, but enterprises also need to be able to sort information and analyze trends.

In this recession there is an increased awareness by companies to make sure that customers keep on getting a good experience, compared to the last recession where cutting costs was all that mattered explains Jim Davies, research director of Gartner, Inc. the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.

If customers don't get a good experience then they are much more likely to leave for a competitor. Investment in voice logging/recording, quality monitoring and coaching solutions to make sure that they get that enhanced experience and in doing so reduce churn are getting the green light.

In short, call logging/ recording, are migrating from being cost-sources to profit generating tools. And, like contact centers, are becoming effective thanks to new features and functionality. The shift from TDM to has enabled and prompted firms to deploy new IP-based products that permit easier centralized recording and system administration, and management.

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Who we are!

Majuda Corporation develops 100% web-based call recording solutions that allow organizations to effectively record, manage and monitor all telephonic communication. We design and market an affordable, proprietary voice recording and quality management technology that improves workforce performace, minimizes risk, ensures compliance and increases customer loyalty. Whether it be a contact center, health care provider, law firm or financial services companies, Majuda Voice securely records and catalogs all incoming and outgoing voice communications within an organization. Our products are backed by unrivaled architecture and a strong commitment to customer service and support.

Majuda Managed Service Option

What is Majuda Voices' Managed Service Option?

Majuda Voices' managed service option is one that allows your organization to acquire and maintain all the benefits and resources of a premier voice logging and quality management system for a fixed monthly fee rather than purchasing a complete system outright.

Why should you consider the Majuda MSO?

Almost all successful technology-based solutions have the same business benefits, and managed service solutions are no different. Below are the 2 main reasons to consider the Majuda MSO:
  • Reduce cost to the business - decreased up-front and on-going capital expenditures.
  • Optimize business process - increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

When an organization is looking at purchasing a technology-based solution outright, it has to account for the following:
  • Up front cost of purchase
  • On-going support costs
  • On-going software licensing costs
  • Hardware becoming obsolete
  • Software becoming obsolete

Now, consider the Majuda MSO, which accounts for all of the above and combines them into an affordable fixed monthly payment that takes all the hassle out of ownership.
  • Majuda Voice V6.0.6
  • Mitel SRC and MiTAI Integration
  • 100% Recording Environments
  • Voice Logging for Law Firms
  • Upcoming Release: Majuda Voice v7.0
  • Who We Are!
  • Majuda Managed Service Option

Call Logging vs. Call Recording

Food For Thought ...

"The speed and scale of consumer conversations can redirect entire markets"

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, November 2009

"This is an age where a single disgruntled customer with a broadband connection can ignite a crisis"

The Boston Globe, July 2009

Call Logging vs. Call Recording

Voice Logging for the Legal Industry

Majuda understands that accurate documentation and the ability to retrieve it easily is essential to your business.

Law firms manage multiple clients and discuss a variety of detailed information over the phone. Therefore, law Firms need to be accountable for what transpires during internal and external conversations and the best way to go about this is to record these conversations. This type of evidence collection protects those within the organization, and those outside of it. Law firms in particular have a need to verify what was said and by who in order to resolve disputes over the phone and capture specific details of important cases. With this in mind, Majuda Voice provides evidence of what was said on the call in the case of a who said what dispute.

Given the low price and high value of Majuda voice logging, particularly in Dispute Resolution, the ROI (Return on Investment) can be realized with just one incident.

When presenting a record of a call as evidence within a court of law, the following must be upheld:

  • Evidence must be tamper proof
  • Evidence must be verifiable
Majuda Voice not only provides you with the security required to log and store all of your voice communications but also contains a robust set of features to help improve all interactions with clients.

Upcoming Release | Majuda v7.0

Our development team is hard at work preparing the release of Majuda Voice v7.0. We have included many new and exciting features that we know will be beneficial to your organization. Majuda Voice v7.0 will be incorporating some of the latest technologies in web development such as Microsoft's Silverlight to help make the entire Majuda Voice experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

Here at Majuda we have always had an open door policy with regards to client suggestions, comments and requests and we would like to extend this invitation to all our clients and partners by opening a direct channel between you and our development team. At any time, should you wish to send us your comments, please e-mail us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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